Rules of Endorphin

This goes live when Luclin drops

General Rules and Conduct

1) We are a raiding guild but do not require you to raid.  We play Everquest to have fun and we do not want to make it feel like work.  We have a core of hardcore players but anyone is welcome to join us in our shenanigans.

2) This guild is not a safe space but please try to respect other people and their time. (be punctual and be at the keyboard playing your class while raiding)

3) Raid requirements will be lvl 60 for all raiders unless asked by leadership to fulfill a composition need (ie. lvl 53 cleric for aow) dkp will not be awarded if you can not attend due to not meeting requirements.

4) We do use discord. During raids important info will be delivered through voice chat.  While not mandatory it is an important tool that we use. Play your class effectively and any means of meeting this expectation is acceptable.

5) Applicants that are not meeting raid requirements will begin their 2 week application period on the first day they hit 60 and attend a raid.  Recruits are expected to attend 40% of scheduled raids in their 2 week period.  Recruitment status can be extended if you are under the threshold until the attendance requirements are met or pending the decision of the the council.  

6)Main changes impose a -50% reduction to total DKP and involve a 2 week loot lockout. (This penalty may be dismissed if the guild asks you to main change to a class the guild is in need of.)

*This is a living document open to suggestion and changes.*

Loot Rules

How do I earn DKP?

1 point will be awarded per hour of the event (raid). 1 point will be awarded per MAJOR boss in raid days (Currently: Mon; Tue; Thur; Sat). Example:  We do Plane of Sky and spend 3 hours there, 3 points will be awarded for the first 3 hours, then 1 point for Eye of Veeshan (final boss) for a total of 4 points. -- At officer discretion, show up to raids to earn dkp and get items.

*Off day raids- These raids will be NON-DKP days. NO DKP WILL BE AWARDED THESE NIGHTS. Loot will be rolled off. Loot rules will be made by the raid leader, up front, before the raid starts. If you don't like the rules DO NOT attend the off night raid. NO DKP will be spent on these days.*

***A Bonus 3 dkp may be earned for recruitment. To receive this bonus your recruit must have put your name down as a referral on their application, once the applicant has reached "Raider" status you may request the bonus. This dkp will be added when the new member reaches raider status.

How do I spend DKP?

DKP can be spent on any item that drops during raid nights. The amount of points that may be spent is limited by that character's standing on the DKP STANDINGS. If a tradeable item is not bid on by a main at the raid, it will then be sold to fund the Guild Bank. Any items that have gone through dkp process and have not been bid on will roll in window with no restrictions.

Raiders under 20% attendance over the past 30 days shall not be allowed to bid until their attendance is 20% or above.

Raiders who have been inactive for 30 days will have their DKP wiped. Raiders will have priority bids on items.

Items bids are done in /rs, you must have attended the raid to bid on items. (if you are not actually bidding on an item DO NOT post a bid in /rs). If two of the same items are up for bid, the items will be auctioned individually. Do not post a bid if you are unsure you wish to spend that amount. ***All Bids are Final!*** All items will have a minimum starting bid of 3.  No tie bids, if two people bid the same amount the first person to say the bid has that bid. Items that have no bid activity may be bid on for recruits, then alts. Bid "3 for recruit" or “3 for alt” and so long as no mains bid the item will be awarded to the winner. Recruits have priority over alts in this 3-tier bidding system (Main Raiders > Main Recruits > Alt Raiders). 

(Effective 5/14/18) Special consideration will be given to alts who are consistently boxed on guild runs. If your alt is boxed consistently on a raid, you may bid up to 10dkp maximum for your alt on any items he or she needs. No more than 10 dkp may be wagered by an alt at any time, and they must be present at the raid to bid. Dkp spent in this manner comes from the pool of the main account. Boxed alts cannot earn dkp independent of the raider who operates them. (For example, boxed alts cannot build up their own dkp pool for bidding purposes.)

Any loot that has gone through the process of dkp bidding and has received 0 bids will be rolled (NO DROP items). At that point the guild recognizes the item has rotted to DKP spending. If you’re a recruit feel free to "need" upgrades. Any box/present alt will be free to "greed" the item being rolled. Please always be considerate of one another.

Some items that have a defining and rare attribute on them (+attk, mana pres, BS mod) may be limited to certain classes bidding. These restrictions will make sense and be avail for review well before that show up on loot windows.

    For non vex thal items the list is :

-Seru BP, crown of twisted, twisted pauldrons--- + attack- melee only

-neckguard of defiled, fused nemonic of khati sha --- mana pres- any class with mana

-twisted boneplate dagger, Tendonslicer ---- BS mod%- rogue only

-bonering of death ward, talisman of evasion- DOT focus---- any class with dots

-Belt of marvelous vision- melee self haste- melee only

-Splinted glimerling hide cloak- Imp heal- cleric/dru/sham

** This list is not exhaustive, all items can be added or removed.**

Some trivial items that are normally just rolled off may be forced to DKP with a min. 3 bid if someone really wants an item and does not want it to random off.

Ancient spells - will be awarded to highest atten. raider. (40% min) after he/she has received one, the next will go to a raider who has not received one. If all present have received one it will start over as a second iteration. Raiders may pass on an unwanted spell to retain a high position for a wanted spell. If everyone at raid passes it will roll in window and not be considered "awarded."

Any items won or awarded to a not present alt are not to hinder the guild force. Players are advised to have their characters near the AOC and ready to collect pieces without hindering the raid (including logging a needed main or halting the launching of a DZ.)

All non dkp items rolled in loot tool will not have restrictions with the exception of:

  1. ONLY need on spells you can scribe on the spot.
  2. Trade skill items can also be needed on as required.
  3. Cash items and extra spells will be taken by the guild bank and either sold or handed out to those who were not in attendance or boxes and alts to fund guild activities.
  4. Orbs of lucinite will be handed out on a last piece > attendance rule.

** Certain circumstances may prevent a penalty with Council approval. **

** This is experimental and open to suggestion and subject to change**


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